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3 Way Racing ….. 3 Ways to time your race!

Full Service Chip Timing

This is our premiere timing service.  We have strong aluminum trusses that can accommodate your banners to recognize sponsors or we can provide our 3 Way Racing banners for start and finish. Our timing equipment will read timing “chips” adhered to the back of the race bib worn by each participant. Chip timing allows us to handle large fields of participants and produce immediate results, send email messages to your runners, and have your awards report ready for you in plenty of time to recognize your top runners.  We also produce overall and age group results in advance of our team leaving your race site.  With chip timing we can provide a finish line chute, start/finish line truss, race clocks and use of our race signage, mile markers and cones (placed by your volunteers).  Chip timing works for all size races and requires no additional volunteers to work at our finish line.  Depending on the size of your race we provide 3-8 team members.

Standard Chip Timing

Standard chip timing is a less expensive option for us to time your race.  For races with less than 400 participants and a common Start/Finish line, our equipment will read the timing “chips” adhered to the back of the race bib of each participant. Our team will mark your Start/Finish line with our 15 foot tall feather banners. Our equipment will stream race results to our results website and produce overall and age group results in advance of our team leaving your race site. For most standard chip timed races, we provide two 3 Way Racing team members.

Do It Yourself Timing Kit

The timing kit is our “value” option for race timing.  We rent you and your team a timing kit consisting of a printing stopwatch (Time Machine, Seiko), stanchions and rope to create a finish chute, bib tear tag stringers, instructions to use the stop watch and a generic age group awards report.  We provide you or members of your team with training (either by phone, Skype, or in person if possible) on how to use the stop watch and manage your chute/tear tag process.  This is similar to the E-timing process listed above but we do not provide onsite race day staffing so it is your team and volunteers doing the timing and ultimately producing your awards report and any online results.  This option requires 1-2 volunteers to work the stop watch and 6-8 volunteers to manage the chute/tear tag process.

Race Director Tips

3 Way Racing produces several of our own races each year and we’re glad to share what we’ve learned from our experiences. Please click here to view our Race Director Tips!

Miscellaneous Services

In addition we will setup your online registration (free of charge) through runsignup.com.  We also do course design/measuring/marking and can rent race clocks, trusses, mesh fencing, cones and signage.

Electronic Timing (E-timing)

We no longer offer this service. It has been replaced by our Standard Chip Timing Service.

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